Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Wild foods Camp

A few of us met near Hot springs for the wild foods camp. I had alot of fun. We gathered Autumn olive berries, there were tons of them! chickweed, wild onions, and burdock leaves. After we walked around and sampled wintergreen, gathered sumac berries, sassafras root, and some other herbs for tea, we went back to camp to feast on bear and deer meat provided to us by some folks from wild roots. The meat was cooked up with the berries, and the salad was tossed with bear fat and apple cider vinegar that some one made. As people came they brought with them food that that gathered, grew and created. Persimon pudding, pickled glasswort, folks bought squash,apples and garlic, that we used to make soup. It was soo good, no salt added and it was still wonderful. And we found persimons! I have never eaten Persimons and I love them! We sat around the fire and listened to some incredibly talented musician entertain us with mountian/ bluegrass and waltzing music, it was good fun watching folks waltz in the woods.
The next morning we woke to the cooking of wild boar, that someone gave us, we cooked that along with chicken of the woods, cabbage, garlic and Dakon. Chicken of the woods reall does taste like chicke, its weird! But delightful. Pears were added to the left over soup and apple mix, and we ate that as well. After the morning feast, we gathered up for another plant walk. It was more of a medicinal plant walk this time, since a few folks that joined us in the morning had quite a bit of medicinal herb knowledge. I thoroughly enjoyed it! It was a great weekend, just sitting around the fire listening to folks share their knowledge and love of the the woods and a simpler lifestyle was wonderful. I hope we can create this more often. This coming weekend, I am going camping and anyone who wants to come is invited. I will share my knowledge of bowdrilling with anyone who wants to learn. Sat and Sun, Nov 15 and 16th.

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