Monday, December 15, 2008

Cold days of winter

Well its not actually that cold, it was for a second, but it has warmed up a bit. I like the weird weather we have here in the winter. I am in the midst of a job change and haven't been able to find as much time as I'd like to be in the woods, but I have gotten myself out there. A friend and I got out to harvest wood for bow drilling, and as soon as I knelt down to show him how to bow drill the rain began to come down. But we did get our selves some pine to work with so the next time we practice we will be ready with some dry white pine. My medicinal herb class has been great, i really enjoy the folks who are taking the class, and i am enjoying the knowledge I am receiving. However I am also feeling a bit overweening. Over and over I am hearing from the few teachers we have had these past 2 weekends, that herbal medicine is more an art form than anything else. They can give us some basic guidelines, however it is up to us to test it out for ourselves and find what works best for us, there is no set book of rules . For me it is both overwhelming and wonderful at the same time. Most of the knowledge I am to receive will be what I learn from doing it on my own, getting to know each of the plants intimately, getting to know my body and how it works intimately. Yes this is what i want, what i have been looking for, but along with all this is the dreaded "P" word, yes......"patience". A lesson I am having a difficult time learning, or actually I have been having a difficult time with this one for quite a while now. My relationships, my jobs, the people who have passed through my life, my body, the woods have all been working very diligently together on this one, I supposed its important.

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