Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Elk Call Moon, Santa and Reindeer Piss

" and shamans drank reindeer piss"

this happened to be said at one of those quiet times, after a pause, that made it oh so much more profound. i laughed, i cried.

sitting around the fire we heard the story of jesus the mushroom and how santa hung mushrooms in stockings with care.

somehow, oddly, it all seemed at least somewhat appropriate since we saw a loincloth load of mushrooms.

we found a great spot to set up camp that had an existing fire ring and a somewhat concealed location for our tarps atop a small ridge. after tara tarpqueen perfected our shelters we began calling out invitations for fire to join us. tara's was answered and we cared for the fire for the rest of the night.

there were little to no expectations or pressures and we found some pleasure and relaxation in each of us doing our own thing as well as coming together and making deeper connections.

i carefully walked over to the area where i had set some snares and checked each one. one had been disturbed, pushed out of the way actually, but all were empty. i searched for more sign and found more middens. i stepped slowly, deliberately and found this place sinking deep into my bones or, perhaps, i sank into it's bones. i was invigorated by the realization that i could spend the rest of my life getting to know this one place.

the setting sun was followed by a spectacular moon. this moon is called the elk call moon.

sunday found frederick and i alone and resting for the remainder of the morning. we did some carving on the black locust crazy bow we are making. then we set out up the ridge to our north and we were greeted by a big, black rat snake. it was at least five feet long and was stiff, out straight. we both mistook it for a stick. by the way, this black rat snake did not like to be petted.

i am toughening up my feet again. it was good to feel the earth directly... unmediated.

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