Wednesday, September 24, 2008

What are we searching for?

The three of us ventured out of the city limits in search of a secret place in the woods where we can set up our first camp. I am excited and a bit impatient to find this place. I have always loved being in the woods, and I find it difficult to leave my "to do list" back in civilization on our over night trips. When I have been able to spend many days in the woods, I have found it easier to relax into the slow quite and relaxing way of nature. My dream was to find a place that I can travel to before and after my job, I suppose a home in the woods. I have never truly felt at home,and have always felt a sense of longing for a home. I have since realized that my home is in the woods, but my home also includes a family or community of people who want the same. I believe that is what we are all looking for, we are always searching for that something that will bring us happiness, an end to the searching and the loneliness we often feel, even when we are surrounded by many people. In the woods our awareness shifts, the daily distractions are gone, so we can be present with each other. We move from the lonely world we construct in our head to the world that will provide us what we need from each other. I have experienced this while working and living in the woods for a wilderness therapy program. I have felt and seen how living like this can change our lives. However I am struggling to find that peace and awareness in and out of the woods. While this challenge is difficult, I believe it is what I need and what will help me the most.

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