Wednesday, September 24, 2008

This is the one!

We all agree we love it here! I think this site will work, at least for now. Its a wonderful spot, that took us about an hour and half to hike to, and it was well worth the hike. There are a few fields, a beaver wetland, mountains, evergreen and deciduous tree, ferns, wild flowers, and animal signs. It seems like it was either logged earlier than the other parts of the forest we have visited, or that less people go there because it is farther away from the road , or maybe a mix of both. On our next visit to this spot we will spend most of our time observing the area. Getting a feel for the behaviors of the animals and the folks that do get this far. There were mostly horse and bicycle tracks along the trail so it is frequented by others, however I'm not sure how often people actually get off their horses or bikes to spend time in the woods, so I believe if we can find a safe spot for our shelter and camp we will be just fine. I am excited for the next time I will be able to get out into the woods, I hope we will get some gas soon, this will mess with my "forest time"
Some plants I observed were
Purple Aster
Tons of Goldenrod
Autumn Olive berries were plentiful
Milkweed seed pods had not yet exploded
There were so many mushrooms I could not believe it, unfortunately I know nothing aboud edible mushrooms yet.


Hagouchonda said...

It look to be a nice place. Good luck in your projects! I will read your blog with interest since we follow the rewilding trail also!

Rewild Katuah said...


thanks for checking us out and commenting.

keep it wild!