Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Oh the places we go

So we went out to the new spot on Sunday, We hiked to the location and took another route which was quite a bit longer this way. We were looking for a easier, shorter way to get there, I guess not this way. It took us a few hours to get there. Fall is definitely here. Many blue/purple Asters were in full bloom, as was this white petal aster. But many other things were dying back. The bull thistle was letting go of its seeds, Milk weed pods look ready to bust. Yellow leaves from the trees were scattered along parts of the trail and the creek. Its a beautiful place we found, however it takes too long to get there for me to use it before and or after work. It will be a good weekend spot or something we can use when we have more time, or if we have to at some point get there for longer term living. I'm anxious to find a place to begin making camp at, at least for a while. I miss being in the woods, I don't get much outdoor time at my current job.

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