Friday, October 17, 2008

Upcoming Fall Events Sponsored by Wildroots

November 1-3
Fall Wild foods camp 2008:

This is the 11th biannual wild foods event coordinated by
the wild roots community. Recently we have been alternating
wild foods hikes with wild food camps. Last fall’s wild
foods camp went so well that we have chosen to do another
one this fall. We plan to have a hike again in the spring.

We will meet on Saturday, Nov. 1 at 11 am on Mill Ridge
in the Pisgah National forest near Hot Springs NC.
We will gather to enjoy eachothers’ company, stories,
music, big beautiful communally prepared wild/garden
meals, and excursions to gather and to meet wild and
feral plants. Some will leave on Sunday, most of us
plan to stay until Monday morning. We were planning on
scheduling the camp for Friday-Sunday, but when we realized
that Halloween falls on that Friday, we thought that it
would be best to shift things forward a day.

Directions from Asheville:
Take I-26/25/70/19/23 North from Asheville
Take the Hot Springs exit (25/70 West)
Follow Signs Toward Hot Springs, following 25/70 to turn L
at the Steady Eddy coffee shop
Go for a couple of miles, when you see a bridge passing
over the road in front of you, Exit right
Turn left to pass over bridge over the 25/70
Follow gravel road up hill
When you come to a T at a big white oak tree go right…
you should see a bunch of cars pulled over, walk from
there. If you get to a dead end and a helipad you
have gone too far.

What to bring:
-wild or garden grown (in your garden) food and drink to
share or $20 if you don’t have anything
-shelter: tarp, tent, etc
-lots of warm clothes (especially wool)
-cooking utensils for big groups (don’t bother bringing
small stuff)
-if you are vegetarian, and are sensitive to foods cooked
with wild animal fat please bring your own oil and frying
pan.(I would encourage you to think of wild or local options)

What not to bring:
-please no dumpstered food (it is a great resource, but
doesn’t fit in with the theme of the camp)
-purchased food or drink (including commercial alcohol)
If you have any questions please call 206-661-6550 and
leave a message. Please do not email.

Braintanning Buckskin workshop, Asheville, NC

A wet scrape brain tanning class will be offered by
Natalie in West Asheville Friday, November 7-Monday,
November 10. Full instruction will be given on scraping,
braining, softening, and smoking deer hides. Prices
are based on a sliding scale: $60-120 to share a hide or
$90-$180 to tan a full hide. You may choose how you fit
within the sliding scale based on your financial situation.
I have one work trade position available. Food and lodging
are not included. If you want to make any special
arrangements please give me a call rather than using email.

Please contact me early to reserve your space. A 50%
deposit is required. My phone # is 206-661-6550.
I often do not answer, so please leave a
message including your phone #.

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