Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Thoughts from a soul stuck in the middle

The more I become aware of our roles in this world we live in, the more amazed I am. We spend so much of our time working so we can have the things we need and have the things we think we need, and the things we just really want. After all that time we have very little time to do anything else. I grew up believing that this way of life was the only way, and that living like this made our lives easier. To live in the wild was to live a hard dangerous life filled with work and no time to play. I don't know where I learned that from, but it apparently is not true and actually quite the opposite. My desire to no longer work a job has nothing to do with wanting to sit around and not do anything, I can't handle that on my days off. My desire has more to do with living simply, in the wild. To build a community of folks that have a desire to live life with the belief that it is not mans place to rule over and take from the plants, animals, rocks, and everything on this planet. Life cannot go on with out the plants, the simple organisms that we can't even see, life can however go on without humans, and honestly from the way we are behaving, life on this planet may be better off without us. So what I want to know is how can I live with the wild things, respect life on this planet, and ensure all life has a healthy planet they can continue to live with. I would love and appreciate your thoughts and ideas about my thoughts and ideas. Thanks

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